Who We Are

We are the Hamilton Park United Methodist Church Music and Arts Ministry whose hearts have been captured by the glory of Jesus Christ. We have been called to serve God in a very dynamic way.

Contact Us

Rev. Terrance Jennings
Minister of Music

Music Office
972-235-4633 ext. 14

Sisters in Christ

Sisters in Christ of The Park consists of adult women’s voices. We endeavor to praise God singing primarily contemporary and traditional gospel.

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I. B. Foote Crusaders

The I. B. Foote Crusaders is a dynamic group of men who have a desire to lift up their voices to sing praises to the Lord. If you enjoy uplifting the Lord in song, this is a wonderful group to join.

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Imani Mass

Imani Mass of Hamilton Park UMC consists of combined voices of all of the choirs. We sing various styles of music to encompass the different ministries.

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Children’s Choir

The children share the “Joy” of Jesus through music! We sing songs that children definitely enjoy, parents are proud to hear and most of all, are a joyful sound that is pleasing to God!

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Favor is the Youth Choir consisting of boys and girls ages 12-18. The flavor of Favor music is more urban-contemporary with a sprinkle of gospel. We invite you to experience the Favor of God.

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Golden Bells of Joy

The Golden Bells of Joy Hand Bell Choir is one that utilizes the bells to witness to the congregation in an uplifting and spiritual way. Every performance is a musically mesmerizing word of God.

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One Voice

One Voice is the Young Adult Praise and Worship Team who ministers on the 2nd Sundays.

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Liturgical Dance

Praise dance is a form of worship that seeks to articulate the word and spirit of God through the body. Praise dances are choreographed and are usually performed during church throughout the year.

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Mime Ministry

The purpose of the Mime Ministry is to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique and powerful way. Through visualization, song and movements, it is a way to express God’s word. The Mime Ministry rehearses as a single group and sometimes in conjunction with the Dance Ministry.

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Acts II Ministry

Dramatizations are visual ministry. The Drama Ministry seeks individuals who are dedicated to telling a story with a message. There is usually one major production a year, which occurs during the Christmas season. Periodically, we may perform skits during worship service for special occasions.

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Inscribed Servants

The Inscribed Servants is the adult Praise Team that consists of a small ensemble of mixed voices. This is an audition-only ensemble. We endeavor to praise God through His Word singing primarily praise and worship choruses.

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