Children’s Sabbath: Sunday, October 10, 2021

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Rev. Nucleus Johnson

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Children’s Sabbath with Rev. Nucleus Johnson!

Nucleus Johnson is a youth and children’s pastor at St. Luke “Community” UMC, where he leads a vibrant ministry that is consistently growing. Nucleus has been in ministry since the age of 17. He has lead youth ministries for the last 8 years helping each grow spiritually, in faith, and in membership. He has implemented various programs that helps develop youth to be all that God has called them to be. Nucleus has a passion for youth ministry, and loves to see God’s young people excel while giving God all of the praise. Nucleus’s greatest joy is his family. He is married to Shayla Johnson, and they have three handsome boys: Noah, Ezra and Micah.

In preparation for the event, children were asked to create a puppet or other art activity that represents themselves, with the words “I am a Blessing!” These will be displayed on Children’s Sabbath.

In addition, we want to pray for each child during the school year.

Please see Kathy Griffith to receive a “die cut” shape of an acorn or maple leaf. Each child is encouraged to paint and/or decorate one of these and include their first name. These shapes are available for pick up this Sunday morning, after worship at 10:00 am outside the CLC.

They will be distributed on Sunday, October 10th. Every church member is encouraged to pick up a shape with a child’s name (on October 10th) as a reminder to pray for that child every day.

(If your family is attending online worship, the acorn and maple leaf shapes are available at Dollar Tree or your child might even decorate a river rock found in your yard or neighborhood.)

Please contact Kathy Griffith at with any questions.

Children’s Sabbaths Celebration

By Jackie Robinson, UMW Communication Committee

The multi-faith Children’s Sabbath weekend engages places of worship across the country in focusing prayers, worship, education programs, and action on learning more about the urgent problems facing our nation’s children exploring sacred texts and teachings that call us to love and protect children, responding with outreach and advocacy, and most importantly, inspiring new, year-round action to improve the lives of children. Some Children’s Sabbath celebrations are community-wide, multi-faith gatherings, others take place in individual places of worship. Together, we are inspiring change that will improve the lives of children!

The National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths is designated for the third weekend of each October. This year, that falls on October 15-17, 2021. However, many places of worship participate on alternate dates — other weekends in October. Hamilton Park UMC will celebrate it this Sunday, October 10th.

What is Children’s Sabbaths?

Many places of worship plan a Children’s Sabbath during their customary time for worship, prayers, education, or another gathering. Some connect with one or a few places of worship for a collaborative celebration and events. Still others connect with as many faith leaders and places of worship in the community as possible to plan a multi-faith, community-wide celebration. Most Children’s Sabbaths involve all or some of the following elements:

  • Service/worship/prayers/faith community gatherings focused on children, justice, and the moral, spiritual, and ethical imperative to nurture, protect, and seek justice for children
  • Educational programs for all ages
  • Advocacy and hands-on service activities around the Children’s Sabbath weekend to meet immediate needs of children in your community and raise a voice for justice

Service activities around the Children’s Sabbath weekend to meet immediate needs of children in your com-munity and raise a voice for justice.

How do I get involved?

Here’s what you can do — you can pray for our children! Yes, that’s right. Pray. The children from our Children’s Ministry have created a craft item that represents them. When church members arrive or leave, you can pick up the craft that’s in different shapes of autumn: an acorn, maple leaf or a pumpkin. The displayed craft items represent our children. Each craft on the display has a child’s name on it. Please select one of the items and pray for the child named on the item every day for the rest of the school year. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Griffin, Director, HPUMC’s Children and Youth Ministry.