January 11, 2019: Message from the Pastor

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Happy New Year from ‘The Park’

In order to experience a powerful and productive 2019, I recommend that we follow the actions of the Magi who searched for Jesus. Their account is found in the second chapter of Matthew’s gospel. Once they located Jesus, they worshipped him.

I encourage you to become a 24/7 worshipper, if you are not already. This means that you are in worship while driving, eating, and at the store! Don’t let Sunday morning be your only time of worship.

Second, the Magi gave Jesus gifts that cost them something. The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These extravagant gifts showed Jesus how much the Magi loved him. In a similar sense, our gifts should be our best gifts, coming from our hearts. As the saying goes, give the Lord what is right, not what is left. This passage from Matthew concludes that the Magi left differently. We too will be different in 2019, as we become intentional worshippers and givers.

Dr. Sheron C. Patterson