Daniel Fast for Lent 2019

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Daniel Fast

Preparing for the Daniel Fast

While fasting, you may not consume any caffeine, sugar, or sweeteners of any kind. You should not have anything artificial. This may cause many to experience the same feelings associated with detoxing. Most time, these effects phase out after a few days. But the best thing to do is consume as much water as possible. This should not be a bad experience. It should be an overall good experience for the mind, body, and soul.


Fruit: anything fresh, canned, jarred, dried or frozen

Vegetables: anything fresh, canned, jarred, dried or frozen

Whole Grains: oats, rice, cakes, brown rice, barley, grits, whole wheat tortillas, quinoa, corn, plain popcorn

Seeds and Nuts: all seeds and nuts and their butters (such as almond or peanut butter)

Legumes: dried, canned or frozen, such as beans and lentils

Oils: only good-quality oils, such as coconut or olive oil

Water: it is suggested to be the only beverage during the fast

Seasonings: to flavor foods, such as herbs, vinegar, and salt


Processed foods

Refined foods

Sweeteners, including sugar and honey


Caffeinated and carbonated drinks

Meat and animal products

Solid fats

Leavened bread

Deep-fried foods