June 14, 2018: My Dad

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My Dad

As Father’s Day makes its way closer on the calendar, I begin to miss my dad, William C. Covington, Jr., more and more. I miss him all the time, but this special day is pointed reminder that he is gone. I am not ashamed to proclaim that I am still a “daddy’s girl.” We had a special bond. We looked alike and had similar gregarious personalities.

Gastric cancer claimed my dad’s life on August 8, 2016. It was my honor and privilege to escort him into transition. (My mom died three years earlier.) I was able to take time away from work and anchor myself at his bedside in Charlotte, NC. Watching life leave his body and seeing death come was a faith-building experience. It illustrated 2 Corinthians 5:1“For we know that if the tent of our earthly house should be destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with human hands.” My dad loved the Lord and was ready.

As I reflect on my dad, I want everyone to have a fantastic father like mine. I am encouraging all the men who read this column to embrace their roles as fathers with gusto. Even if you have no biological children, please reach out and shepherd young people in this church, community, or your family. Don’t let a child grow up without a father figure. Consider joining Big Brother and Big Sisters. Our member, Dale Long, now works for this worthwhile organization. God created men with an ability to father. A father’s love, attention, conversation, and care are majestic. Don’t let your God-given gifts go to waste. Somebody needs a father right now, and it may be you.