January 14, 2018: Spiritual Breakthroughs

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Spiritual Breakthroughs

Church Family,

We are moving into the first full week of our 21-day fast. I am asking all members of Hamilton Park to fast from something until January 28. Some of us are following the Daniel Fast, as found in the Old Testament book of Daniel, chapter one. Others are fasting from social media, soda or sweets. The main thing is everyone should be denying self and making room for God.

We are expecting spiritual breakthroughs due to our fast. What is a spiritual breakthrough? It is an experience of enhanced connection with God. Here are three signs. There are plenty others.

1. You may have an increased hunger for the Word of God. This may mean reading your Bible more, or listening to more recorded sermons.

2. We may become more personally “sin aware.” That’s a term I created to describe the realization that we have done things that run counter to the will of God. This awareness leads to repentance.

3. A Jesus joy is another sign of a breakthrough. This joy is one that appears and remains despite our situations because of the glory of the Lord inside us. People will wonder why you are calm in the midst of the storm.

Spiritual breakthroughs are just one of the benefits of fasting. Please join us.

Your Pastor,
Dr. Sheron C. Patterson