August 17, 2018: Q&A with Rev. Lisa Bozeman (Part 2)

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Our new Intern is Rev. Lisa Bozeman!

Rev. Lisa Bozeman is a native of Hazlehurst, Mississippi. She is seeking ordination through the Mississippi Annual Conference. She is a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry and a Licensed Local Pastor. Also, Rev. Bozeman has served as the senior pastor of a church in Mississippi. She is starting her final year at Perkins School of Theology, and hopes to graduate in May with a Master of Divinity degree.

Continue getting to know more about Rev. Bozeman and welcome her to The Park!

Any initial thoughts on Hamilton Park?

Firstly, I believe that my steps were ordered to The Park by God, in my quest to find a local congregation with which to worship away from home. Home being Mt. Sinai United Methodist Church, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. The first person that introduced themselves to me here “with a hug” was the late Charlotte M. Brewster, and her next words to me were, “Are you our new intern?” With me embarking on my internship now, those words were very prophetic. Therefore, I am excited about being here at this time, in this season, and at this church — and, under this anointed leadership of Rev. Dr. Sheron C. Patterson, our senior pastor.

What are your ministry plans?

My “plans,” that is hilarious…

Certainly, I believe setting goals and making plans are necessary to have a measurable sense of accomplishment in life. Therefore, I make plans in a prayerfully optimistic way. With that being said, I plan to return to the Mississippi Annual Conference under the leadership of Bishop James E. Swanson, Jr., to continue on the ordination track of elder to serve in my community as God and my bishop see fit.

How did you get to Dallas?

I packed up a U-Haul truck, hitched my 2001 Camry to the back of it, and drove here in January 2016.

What are your hobbies?

I love, love, love to read! I mean, I could get locked up in a library or bookstore with a chaise lounge, good lighting, good food, water, and — let’s not forget — a bathroom, and I would be “happy as a lark” or is it “happy as a clam in high tide?” In other words, I would be quite thrilled to explore my reading opportunities.

Quick story: In my undergraduate days at Mississippi State University, I worked at the campus library. My job was to date stamp and log in all newspapers, journals, magazines, and periodicals coming into the library. So I was on information overload. Every topic that came up in conversation, I had something to say about it. I’m glad my friends loved me and were very tolerant… It was a blast!

And I love to shoot pool. Haven’t found a local “smokeless” place yet, so for now, I play online.