October 8, 2017: Dallas County Commmissioners Court Recognition

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Pastor's Update

Church Family, it was distinct honor to represent The Park at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, to receive a resolution that saluted our 60th anniversary!! We are grateful to County Commissioner Theresa Daniel for sponsoring the resolution. Judge Carolyn Wright Sanders was on hand for the event, as well as Pastor O., Larry Lundy and Patricia Price Hicks.

When it was my turn to speak, I let everyone know that our church has a remarkable history of being rooted in the historic Hamilton Park neighborhood, and we have a reputation of being a church that cares about the community in thought, word and deed!

Before I could say much more, Civic League leader Patricia Price Hicks lauded our church for remaining in the community and for always being a source of help to those in need. During the presentation, fellow United Methodist Judge Clay Jenkins was snapping photos and posting them to Twitter. Please see his photo and post below.

The final memorable words came from fellow United Methodist Commissioner John Wiley Price. He had been silent for the presentation. He said, “I have been holding myself back on this. I can’t say what I really want to say. But let me say this, the Bishop finally got it right by sending Dr. Patterson to Hamilton Park UMC.”

Happy Anniversary!

Remember — We are not chickens … WE Are Eagles!!!

Your Pastor,
Dr. Sheron C. Patterson