July 30, 2017: An Update on A Season of Release from Dr. Sheron Patterson

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Dr. Sheron PattersonA Season of Release

Church Family,

My few weeks as pastor of The Park have been rich and rewarding. It is such an honor to serve in the midst of you. Thanks for all the affirmation.

The spirit of the Lord is ushering this church ahead. We cannot dwell in the past. There are tremendous blessings down the road and into the future. That is why God instructed me to preach a sermon series on the varied types of blessings in July. Please purchase the CDs of all 5 sermons!

Under God’s instructions, our August sermon series is titled “A Season of Release.” God wants us to shed negative behaviors so that an aura of love radiates from the sanctuary. Love cannot exist where there is bickering, bitterness, and back biting.

The August sermon series will not condemn anyone. All of us, from the pulpit to the pews, stand in the need of improvement. However, I do believe that the Holy Ghost will be holding up a mirror to this church.

Prepare yourself to listen, learn, and release any behaviors in your life that do not line up with God’s Word!

Your Pastor,
Dr. Sheron C. Patterson