August 13, 2017: An Update on A Season of Release from Dr. Sheron Patterson

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Dr Sheron Patterson - A Reason of Release

A Season of Release

Listen up!

Church family, the sermon continues our Season of Release. Some things have got to go. One of those things is half-listening. The scripture from James 1:19 says you must be “quick to listen.”

I want to focus our thoughts on listening to each other and listening to God. If we are honest, we will admit that our listening skills are dull. We are multi-tasking, on the move, and half-hear what is being said to us. This is problematic for church growth.

If we dig deeper, there are more serious reasons why we are not listening to each other.

  1. We are self-centered and do not care what others have to say.
  2. We fear criticism and become defensive when others speak to us.
  3. We mistrust others and assume they want to hurt us.
  4. We have a problem with being supervised and resist following instructions.

If any of this describes you, I have good news! Jesus can fix it. Confess and be blessed!

Your Pastor,
Dr. Sheron C. Patterson